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摘要:​西北大学(Northwestern University)是美国一流私立研究型大学之一,十大联盟高校。西北大学有6个学院,包括文理学院、语言学院、音乐学院、梅迪尔新闻学院、迈科密克工程及应用科学学院、教育及社会政策学院。


西北大学(Northwestern University)是美国一流私立研究型大学之一,十大联盟高校。西北大学有6个学院,包括文理学院、语言学院、音乐学院、梅迪尔新闻学院、迈科密克工程及应用科学学院、教育及社会政策学院。在这6所学院中以梅迪尔新闻学院最出色,是公认的全美最好的新闻学院之一,可与哥伦比亚大学的新闻学院相媲美。下面小编给大家介绍一下西北大学研究生最新GRE成绩要求,希望可以帮助到同学们!

1. 戏剧写作专业(MFA in Writing for the Screen and Stage)GRE成绩要求

官网申请信息显示:The GRE is not required.


2. 钢琴硕士专业(Master of Music in Performance and Pedagogy) GRE成绩要求


3. 计算机硕士专业(Master of science in Computer Science) GRE成绩要求

官网申请信息显示:Standardized test scores: Typically, all the admitted applicants have GRE-Q scores higher than 760 (160 in the newer scale); GRE-V scores higher than 400 (146 in the newer scale). It is often the case that US applicants score higher than the international ones on the GRE-AW portion, however, we will weigh the TOEFL score as a demonstration of the linguistic capabilities indicator for international applicants.


4. 传播学硕士专业(Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications) GRE成绩要求

官网申请信息显示:Official GRE or GMAT scores: All applicants (except current degree-seeking Northwestern students, degree-holding Northwestern alumni or applicants who earned a graduate or professional degree within the past five years) must submit either GRE or GMAT scores.即

传播学硕士专业研究生的GRE考试成绩要求是,no minimums(没有最低分数要求)